USA: Coral Pink Sand Dunes- A Technicolor Desert in Utah

An Instagram-ready heap of sand.

Why visit? 
Who doesn't like playing in the sand? After the hard red rocks of Southern Utah, these soft flowing ochre dunes are a perfect antidote. 

This is your chance to imagine yourself in exotic Rajasthan- driving distance from Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  

Near the town of Kanab (Keh-NAB, not KAY-nab) in Southern Utah. Map

WE DO SUSPECT that whomever named these dunes was colour blind. Coral pink? The dunes are colourful for sure, but our money is on ochre, or perhaps orangey-yellow (come to think of it, a shade that resembles the face of Donald Trump) rather than pink.
Let's call it Presidential Yellow...
But never mind. These colourful dunes are a visual treat, especially on a sunny day (which is about 300 days a year in these parts) when the deep yellow dunes contrast nicely with the postcard-blue sky. Stunning eye candy. Get ready to snap!

Southern Utah is known for its red rocks (If you don't believe us, check out our article on Lower Antelope Canyon.) The sand comes from Navajo sandstone that is ubiquitous in the area. The same iron oxides and minerals that give us spectacular red and yellow rocks in places like Zion and Bryce are responsible for this landscape of pinkish sand.
Utah's rock plateaus frame the dunes. 
The main attraction is simply to walk- barefoot, because the sand will get anywhere, especially in your shoes. It's a surreal exotic landscape, and you'd expect a Rajasthani tribesman on a camel to saunter into your field of vision.
There's a viewing platform for those who dislike the thought of sand between their toes. 
Instead, you'll get sandboarders (snowboarders for warmer climes) who take advantage of the dunes to slide down the majestic ochre-coloured slopes. 
A 'border makes his way up the slope.
As you'd expect, it can be rather sunny and windy (who else did you think all that sand came here?) so bring shades and a hat. Or a Bedouin scarf.
Art or Nature? 

Getting there: 
Coral Pink Sand Dunes is conveniently located between Zion, Bryce and Grand Staircase-Escalante parks. It's just off the main road that runs from Zion/Bryce to Arizona, the US 89. Kanab is the nearest town and offers decent accommodation too. 

Useful links:
Here's the official website.