About 'Minor Sights'

'Minor Sights' covers places that are not or barely mentioned in guidebooks. 

That doesn't mean they're not worth visiting. Many of these places are every bit as fascinating as the more famous sights.  Minor Sights, being usually overlooked by mass tourism, also offer an opportunity to see places without the crowds. We find it much easier to enjoy a place when we don't have to share it with 50.000 other people. 

In our view, 'Minor Sight' is a recommendation, a badge of honour. 

Much of travel these days is about lists of 'must-sees' and 'top 10s'. Many travellers are content to visit these places, and there is plenty of information out there to help them research. 

However, during our travels we often realized how little information there is available about some of the Minor Sights that may attract a more intrepid traveller.  This site aims to capture some information about these Minor Sights.

So you won't find any information here about the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, or the Taj Mahal. But we may post about more, for want of a better phrase, 'off the beaten track' locations in Paris, Rome, or Agra. 

This is also not a travel blog in the sense that nobody will be making daily updates about trips, share with you the minutiae of their latest lunch, or how much they paid for the chicken bus to Woop Woop. Instead, we'll be adding haphazardly and without any pretense of being exhaustive or complete. 

Minor Sights is an open platform. We welcome guest contributions

Everything on this site is the result of first-hand experience. We don't believe in cobbling together articles based on internet research and ripping pictures from Wikipedia- one of our contributors visited the Sight, loved it, and then wrote about it. 

We would love to hear your comments and thoughts. Drop us a message through the comments box if you found this site interesting, useful or just plain rubbish. And if you have your own Minor Sight to write about, please read this.

Happy travels,

Minor Sights

P.S. For more on our travel philosophy, read our editorials

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  1. I also write about some minor sights, in central Italy. In fact we duplicate each others posts, but in a good way. Would you like to link up ? Mary Jane Cryan
    blog 50 yearsinItaly

  2. Wonderful and inspiring blog! Thanks a lot for following us on Twitter! Travel safe and keep up your great work!!

  3. Great idea, totally agree to the slow travel manifesto. Put down your URL as one I need to contribute to.

  4. Thanks Steven!

    Contributions are welcome. Have a look here: http://www.minorsights.com/p/contributions.html

  5. Fully agree to the purpose of this site (and its design).

    Must-sees for me usually are Must-not-sees. Been to BanglaIndia many times, but never saw Taj Mahal, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa.

    Also agree to slow, meandering travel, but don't feel the need to put that aim into a manifesto.

  6. Dear Michiel, I am enjoying your posts on Twitter, your 1st hand accounts are great. I have a holiday home in Northern Lazio in a small village called Civitella d'Agliano and although guests often have their own ideas about where they want to visit it's really nice to be able to recommend places close to us that are not always well documented in the guidebooks. If it's okay with you I would like to re-tweet some of your blogs - in fact I have just done so with Villa Lante. Civitella d'Agliano may not fit the criteria for your blog but in case you are in this neck of the woods you might like to pop in, it has a small medieval quarter and Sergio Mottura (http://www.sergiomottura.com/it/) the local wine maker, offers memorable wine tastings and a tour of his amazing cellars (as well as fine dining and cookery courses). I'm not much of a writer so am happy to leave it to the experts! Best wishes, Emma (www.theyellowhouse-italy.com)

  7. Hi Emma, thanks for retweeting! Of course, you're more than welcome to retweet any article you like- much appreciated. Northern Lazio is a beautiful place!

  8. Thank you Michiel, that's great - and thank you for retweeting me too!

  9. Good thing not everyone is so clever as to seek out the hidden gems. Or we would run into the masses there too :-)

  10. Hi unknown (Cecilia?) you're right. I don't think we'll be able to convert the travelling masses- and perhaps that's a good thing!

  11. Very good blog, absolutely agree with the premise and with the articles about places that I have already visited:)

  12. Dear Swefflibg, we're glad your enjoying our site. Which Sights have you already visited?

  13. Hello from Australia, Minor Sights. I've just come across your awesome website while searching for a couple of Art Deco buildings in Seattle. Amazing photos! I was just wondering if you would mind if I share a few of your photos on my Art Deco - U.S.A. Pinterest board? https://www.pinterest.com.au/OzBibliophile/art-deco-architecture-usa/

  14. Hi Ozmerry, we’d be delighted. Please go right ahead!

  15. Thank you very much, Minor Sights!

  16. hello I am Giancarlo I have a holiday home in Tuscania ( località Montebello) what a surprise to see the landscape of Tuscania ( taken for the Lavello Tower) chosen as your landmark.In my opinion,this
    is one of the most beautiful view in the entire world.

  17. ciao Giancarlo, we agree with you! That's why we chose it. You're lucky to live in Tuscania.

  18. I came here wandering looking for some info on one of the lesser known gems of Hyderabad, India - British Residency. Love the philosophy which I and my partner have been following for years. Would love to write about Church trail of Hyderabad/Secunderabad, India if ok. Here's my FB post on the same. https://www.facebook.com/soma.a.tripathi/posts/pfbid0iPJZFhPYznqiT9qViL6MWDPg8ZinFZBDxF4nsYSbwkdmAgwbBummVa1sDUqFap4gl


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